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Benefits of being a JLM teknik distributer

3 main JLM Teknik categories

At JLM teknik, we are specialists within a wide range of lifting equipment for industrial use. After more than 25 years in the industry we are a well-consolidated privately owned company with a vast network of distributors and business associates throughout the world.

Made in Denmark

The majority of JLM teknik’s products are manufactured in Denmark, and through our status as full-range supplier of lifting equipment, we sell directly to the end user. We listen to our customers’ wishes and needs, and in our production hall we can adapt our in-house developed products after specific needs.

Quality according to European rules of machine directives


JLM teknik is certified according to quality, environment and working environment. We constantly focus on ergonomics in the development of our products, and we want to be an asset regarding a healthier working environment and prevent overload injuries.

High profit opportunities

Due to the comfortable ergonomics and user-friendly aspects of our product range, JLM teknik’s in-house developed lifting equipment contributes to ensure higher effectivity amongst the employers of your company. With that in mind, the foundation for additional sales and higher revenue for your company is laid.

Our latest published products

In mid April JLM teknik published their Danish-produced vacuum lifters; Alpha and My.

What is a vacuum lifter?
A Vacuum lifter consists roughly of a vacuum pump, a lifting hose, an operating handle, and a suction foot. The vacuum pump makes negative pressure. By regulating the negative pressure, you can decide whether the vacuum hose should contract or stretch out. Thus, by regulating the negative pressure, the vacuum hose can be raised or lowered.

Alpha is the vacuum lifter for sacks or the slightly larger and heavier tasks. Depending on the configuration, this model lifts from 20 kg to 300 kg.

My is the vacuum lifter used to lighter tasks. It can lift objects up to 80 kg.

A vacuum lifter is one of the saftest ways to complete lifting tasks. It is designed not to lift objects that are heavier than accordingly noted. With a vacuum lifter, you experience that the item becomes “weightless”, and that it is playfully easy to lift and maneuver different items. 

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About us

JLM teknik is a 100% Danish-owned company that is among the most recognised suppliers of cranes, lifting equipment, and handling solutions for Danish industry.

Since its founding in 1997, we have focused exclusively on this area and have always been convinced that a good working environment and ergonomics are important for both employees and the company. By choosing the right solution, both employees and the company achieve results that benefit both our society and the economy.

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