Exclusive distribution of Vaculex vacuum lifters and new department in Zealand

JLM teknik in Hobro is gaining momentum, having just become the sole distributor of Vaculex vacuum lifters, and which is now also opening a new department in Zealand.

JLM teknik, which currently employs 25 people, is one of Denmark’s leading companies in the sale and manufacture of lifting and handling equipment for all industry sectors. One of the products on the shelves is the Vaculex vacuum lifter. A sought-after quality product, of which JLM teknik has now become the sole distributor.

“There have been other dealers so far, but Vaculex has now decided that we must be the only one to sell the product in Denmark, which we are of course very proud of. It is a great vote of confidence for us,” says Jan Bryld, director of JLM teknik.

“There are several reasons for why we have exclusive distribution.

We have been selling the product for 25 years, and have always had a very strong focus on the product, which combines a very high quality with a competitive price. It has always been a product that we have highly prioritised, and which we have as a result also sold a lot of.

It has also meant that we have accumulated a great deal of professional knowledge and therefore can offer individualised and thorough advice with the aim of adapting the product in tailor-made solutions to the individual company. Customers appreciate this, and it has meant that the demand for the product has increased significantly in recent years with us.

Another significant reason is that Vaculex works optimally with our easy-running aluminium cranes, which is a huge advantage for customers.

Finally, it should also be mentioned that we have become very visible in the market and have increased our service department considerably, and we carry virtually all spare parts and products from Vaculex in our stock,” explains Jan Bryld.

New department in Zealand

Simultaneously with JLM teknik’s appointment as the exclusive distributor of Vaculex vacuum lifters, the Hobro company has also chosen to open a branch in Zealand:

In recent years, we have seen a marked increase in demand for our products in Zealand. Especially Vaculex products and our easy-running aluminium cranes.

“We have a service fitter covering only Zealand and have established a warehouse in Slagelse, which makes it possible to pick up both products and spare parts, so any delivery and repair can be carried out very quickly.

It gives us the opportunity to serve our Zealand customers even better, and in all probability, this is just the beginning of building a larger Zealand department,” concludes Jan Bryld.


Div 099Vaculex vacuum lifters can be used for an infinite number of lifting tasks, where products must be moved from A to B. A vacuum lifter is absolutely perfect for lifting cardboard boxes, sacks and wooden boards. It is only one’s imagination that sets the limits. There are other vacuum lifters on the market, but at JLM teknik, we have always been proud to be able to offer our customers Vaculex, since its quality is among the best on the market and has competitive prices.