Easywin Window Lifter 114 kg.

Easywin Window Lifter 114 kg.


14.900,00 kr.


Easywin window lifter is this ideal lifter for mounting windows from scaffolding or floor. Easywin has a low weight of only 20 kg, And lifts 114 kg. Raising / lowering functions are performed with a battery drill that is not included with Easywin.

– Max. load up to 114kg using 2 suction cups as shown.
– Standard window lifter is with 2 suction cups.
– Made of lightweight material. Net weight is 20kg.
– Raising / lowering worm gear function is done with a battery drill 1/4 ”adapter.
– 2 different suspension points.
– Low vacuum visual indicator.
– Rubber coating on overlay.
– Minimal maintenance.
– Easy to transport.