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Cranes and lifting solutions

Effective lifting with safety at the top

With a focus on ergonomics, healthier working environment and prevention of overuse injuries, JLM technology takes your production to new heights.

Get professional and non-binding advice

Our experts are ready to advise you with the best solution for you and your tasks.

jan bryld

Jan Bryld

Sales Denmark / Export
+45 23 33 43 53

jan andersen

Jan Andersen

Sales consultant
Sales Denmark
+45 23 72 51 33

Rene andersen

Rene Andersen

Warehouse employee
Sale of spare parts
+45 40 23 09 95

JLM teknik_vakuumløftere_katalog

Alpha and My catalog

We produce our own vacuum lifters:
My and Alpha. Here in the catalog we have gathered all the information, where you can find specifications, accessories and spare parts, noise tables and guidelines.

Get a tailor-made quote for your crane solution

We have made it easier for you to get a quote for a crane. Simply fill out the form and you will receive a tailor-made offer.

Once you have filled in the form, we will contact you with a tailor-made offer, whether it is a jib crane, column jib crane or a traverse crane.

JLM teknik_Kranformular

Come and test your challenge in our showroom

We have a large, bright and welcoming showroom, which we are happy to invite you inside. Here you can try to lift your subject yourself, and we can have a conversation about your specific need for lifting equipment. We look forward to seeing you for a no-obligation visit.

Cranes and lifting equipment

At JLM Engineering, we are specialists in cranes, lifting equipment and handling solutions that are used throughout the various industries. In connection with this, we also have our own service department that services and inspects cranes & lifting equipment and covers the whole of Denmark.

At JLM Engineering, we focus exclusively on this area, and are perhaps one of the strongest in the field. We do not just sell a product, we have thoroughly studied what we sell and can vouch for our products. We have for more than 20 years been through the entire development within ergonomic lifts and know that, with the right solution, handling is not difficult.

One of the key areas for us is security and delivering a solution that is used.

Contact us today and hear more about how we can help you and your company with your lifting task. Together we find the best solution.

JLM teknik_egenudviklede håndteringsløsninger

Our equipment is used here

Our process ensures quality

We will do our part to ensure that you experience a very professional handling throughout the process, from the first contact to the final installation of your lifting equipment. We take pride in delivering a proven product that lives up to our high standard. That is why we offer up to a 5-year guarantee on our quality products.

JLM teknik_administration


The first contact is typically a call or an email. We have learned that preparation saves time and money. If we can see some pictures, video of your process or task, we can quickly determine if the task requires a visit, to come up with solutions.

JLM teknik_præsentation af løsning


If the task requires a visit, our consultant will casually come by and review the task with you, take pictures, measure up and fill in the visit report.
Once the task is defined, we come up with a solution proposal and offer to execute the solution.

JLM teknik_professionelt løfteudstyr


We can also offer a simple test where we might lift your topic. It just requires that you, by agreement with us, send some items to be lifted. Then we start with some standard equipment or make minor adjustments. The test can be virtual or be recorded on video, and sent to you.

JLM teknik_kranmontage


As a starting point, JLM Engineering always offers installation and installation of systems or equipment on offer. We do this because we know that our installers are fast, professional and do a quality job that we vouch for.
It deserves the solution you will have for many years.

Does your company need a crane?

We have made it easier for you to get a quote for a crane: Once you have filled out the form, we will contact you with a tailor-made offer.