Foil lifter

Foil roller lifts from JLM technology are compressed air powered. Our range consists of 4 different foil roll lift lids that lift from 100 kg. up to 960 kg., depending on the model. By default, the dorn is 3″ (Ø76mm), which maintains in the internal diameter. The length of the roller is very crucial for lifting capacity.
All lifting lids are CE approved and comply with EN13155.

– Available in 4 sizes with a lifting capacity of up to 960 kg
– Comes with 3″ dorn
– Automatic center of gravity adjustment
– Stepless tilt of the roller (up to 90 degrees)
– Can lift rollers up to 600 mm in length (lifting ability is reduced the longer the roller is)
– Roller diameter of up to 800 mm
– 2 buttons for positioning so that unintentional positioning is not possible
– Dorn indicator so operator can see if the foil roll lifter is ready for lifting
– Supplied with compressed air of 6-6.5 bar
– CE approved and comply with EN13155,

See the individual lifting yokes in data sheets.

Pictures of Foil Lifter:


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