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Vacuum yoke and rail system adapted to your company's needs

JLM teknik has, over time, produced many different variations of vacuum yokes. We prefer to make them compressed air driven, that is, with ejector. There are many benefits to this type. Here, we can mention the very quick suction of the item. We blow the air back and through the suction cups, which means that the suction cup quickly releases the item. There is also the advantage that the system is quite easy to repair, and we only use standard products that are available everywhere. By using an ejector, you also achieve a very low empty weight on the vacuum yoke, a great advantage when choosing an electric hoist and crane.

Many people believe that this is very energy-demanding, but JLM teknik has developed a system we call “Sparekit”. At a small cost, this can be purchased for all our vacuum yokes. The system, in its simplicity, means that compressed air is only used during suction and disengagement.

We have developed a series of different glass vacuum and plate lifting yokes. Many of these models can form the basis for special solutions.

Of course, we live up to European safety standards, and the vacuum yokes are safe to use. Before each lift, the operator has the opportunity to see when a sufficient vacuum has been created for the lift in question. This is how you best protect your employees and equipment from injury and damage. JLM teknik’s vacuum yoke is very user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance.

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