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JLM teknik has a wide range of products, all of which are part of crane and lifting tasks. We are a manufacturer and have our own development department, but we are also a distributor of well-known products. Characteristic of all our products is high quality and at the same time we offer perhaps Denmark's best service!

JLM teknik_Vakuumløfter_illustration

Vacuum lifter

REDline: Alpha, My and Tau, container timber, and Removable vacuum lifters

Tau II vakuumløfter_JLM teknik

Container emptier

JLM tilelifter_JLM technique

Mobile vacuum lifters

vacuum lag lag

Vacuum lifter

JLM teknik_løfteåg_illustration

Lifting yoke

BLUEline: Roller lifter, glass suction, plate lifter, lifting glove, scissor yoke and special handling

Plate lifting yoke

Plate lifting yoke

Foil roll lifter

Foil lifter


Other lifting yokes


Glass Suction Cups

JLM teknik_Kran_illustration


Light-running aluminum cranes and Swing cranes

Lav_byggeh syyy

Easy-to-run Alu-Cranes


Swivel cranes

JLM teknik_Vakuumsug_illustration

Vacuum suction cup

Vacuum suction and panel suction for installation on the construction site


Easywin Window Lifter


Powr-Grip Accessories


Powr-Grip vacuum suction cup

JLM teknik_løft og hejs_illustration

Hoists and hoist

Electric chain hoists: GIS, Kito and MISIA


GIS Electric chain hoist

JLM teknik_løftevogne_illustration

Lifting trolleys

Powerful, easy-to-use and ergonomic lifting trolleys

Together we will find a solution that matches your needs

Our greatest strength is that we are solution-oriented. Therefore, we would like to visit you and your company so that we can gain a greater understanding of where our lifting equipment should be and how and by whom it should be used. You and your team are also welcome to visit our showroom in Hobro or Greve, so you can see and try our products for yourself. After these preliminary meetings we will send you an offer including all the right measurements and specifications.

Does your company need a crane?

We have made it easier for you to get a quote for a crane: Once you have filled out the form, we will contact you with a tailor-made offer.