Powr-Grip vacuum suction cup

A few reasons why to choose JLM teknik:

JLM teknik has been distributing Powr-Grip since 2007, and is a distributor of the brand all over Europe. We do not only sell the products. We are also at hand when you have questions about solutions, but most importantly: We are also there when you experience problems and need support or service.

In short terms, JLM teknik is the extended arm of Wood’s Powr-Grip in Europe. We have chosen to carry the most common models and spare parts for this in our stock. We know how important it is that you can get your hands on accessories and spare parts quickly once you have bought a vacuum suction cup.

Please take a look at the different models we have chosen. There is definitely one that will meet the expectations of your business’ work tasks – otherwise, contact us, and we will be happy to help you find a solution.

Reasons to choose Powr-Grip:

All vacuum suction cups that we have chosen as standard, and where there is more than one suction cup, are always with a two-circuit vacuum system. This means that if there is a leak in one circuit, you will get an alarm, both visually and acoustically. The second circuit will still be intact, but you can now get your load down safely on a secure surface.

All vacuum suction cups are equipped with a “breath” function in the suction cups. This means that when you have to set the workpiece air is “blown” back into the suction cup so that it releases the workpiece more quickly, and thereby it is not necessary to “shake” the workpiece off, or lift the suction cups with a tool.

Powr-Grip vacuum suction cups are incredibly flexible and is delivered with lots of expansion options in the form of accessories in order for them to quite easily be adapted to the task.

To keep the dead weight down, many of the vacuum suction cups are made of aluminium. As an example, the dead weight of a Four-In-A-Row (P11104) is only 44 kg.

The vacuum suction cups are all battery-powered.

All DC3 models come with Intelli-Grip, which is the latest from Powr-Grip. The inspiration for this has been taken from the car industry. With Intelli-Grip, you get:

  • Automatic testing of the vacuum system.
  • Constant surveillance of the battery.
  • Display with lots of information and settings. These include language options, getting error codes, see the number of starts, and much more.
  • The Intelli-Grip App that can be downloaded to your smartphone and provides a lot of options with the phone.

– and all this is only the beginning.


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