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JLM Teknik's preferred method in bag lifting is a vacuum lifter for bags – it is a safe, user-friendly and efficient solution. With a bag lifter, you make the lifting task in question easy for yourself, and you will experience a solution that easily and quickly transports a given item from A to B.

See more about our solutions within bag lifters and vacuum lifters for bags below.

Vakuumløfter - My

My lifter

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Lifting device for My vacuum lifter

My is the little classic vacuum lifter
Our vacuum lifter model My, is the little classic
Vacuum lifter for lifting items up to 80kg.
The vacuum lifter is perfect for lifting smaller ones
items such as cardboard boxes, wooden boards, glass, etc., and can
configurable in many ways.

See the datasheet for more specifications.

Vakuumløfter - Alpha - TEST-2

Alpha lifter

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Lifting device for Alpha vacuum lifter

Alpha is the classic and strong vacuum lifter
Alpha can be configured for lifting items from 20kg
and up to 230kg. In special cases, it is possible to:
Assemble several lifting hoses to increase capacity

See data sheet for specifications

Lifting equipment to match your task.

Are you considering a bag lifter for handling and transporting bags in the company? We have lifting equipment for all types of sacks, but we always base the process on your environment and your sack. Regardless of material and type of bag, we have a solution that meets your needs for a safe and effective lift.

Contact us for a dialogue about your specific requirements and needs, so we can advise you on an optimal solution model within bag lifting.

JLM teknik_løft af sække

Different lifting of sacks

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