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Vacuum suction cups Windows & Panels

On these pages you will probably find the market's best and widest selection of vacuum suction cups and panel suction cups for installation work at construction sites. In the product categories below, you will find the revolutionary and innovative Wood's PowrGrip vacuum suction, which JLM teknik has been a European dealer of since 2007. We also sell everything in accessories, spare parts and accessories for Wood's PowrGrip. You will also find JLM Teknik's in-house developed window lifter, Easywin. The Easywin window lifter has a low dead weight of only 20 kg and can be installed without the use of tools. User-friendly and easy to operate. Easywin is flexible and can be used for window mounting from both floor and scaffolding. If you need other kinds of suction cups than those shown, you are very welcome to contact us.

JLM teknik_Vakuumsug_illustration

Vacuum suction cup

Vacuum suction and panel suction for installation on the construction site


Easywin Window Lifter


Powr-Grip Accessories


Powr-Grip vacuum suction cup

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