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Glass Suction Cups

For 20 years, JLM teknik has been a supplier of complete crane solutions consisting of cranes, hoists, and glass suctions to Europe’s largest windows and glass manufacturers. We know what it takes to build an efficient factory with crane coverage and glass suction cups.

Today we have a very wide range of glass suction cups, all of which have been developed in close collaboration with the manufacturers and the requirements given so that they can run an efficient production. Our solutions are sold all over Europe, where in many cases we have also been responsible for assembly and commissioning.

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Facts about JLM Glass Suction Cups:

  • Danish-produced quality product.
  • Compressed air-driven vacuum ejectors that provide quick suction and release of the glass. When shutting down, air is blown into the suction cup.
  • Uses minimum 6 – 6.5 bar of compressed air. “Spare kit” can be mounted in the system so that only compressed air is used for suction.
  • Many glass suction cups have a built-in safety switch, only to be disengaged when the chain is relaxed.
  • As JLM teknik is responsible for production, it is possible to customise standard solutions.
  • CE marked and complies with EN13155.

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