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Easywin Window Lifter

JLM teknik has developed this ingenious Easywin window lifter with a focus on dead weight and functionality. Easywin window lifters are simple and can be operated by anyone. With Easywin, there is no excuse for not using assistive devices.


Easywin Window Lifter 114 kg.


Easywin window lifter is this ideal lifter for mounting windows from scaffolding or floor. Easywin has a low weight of only 20 kg, And lifts 114 kg. Raising / lowering functions are performed with a battery drill that is not included with Easywin.

– Max. load up to 114kg using 2 suction cups as shown.
– Standard window lifter is with 2 suction cups.
– Made of lightweight material. Net weight is 20kg.
– Raising / lowering worm gear function is done with a battery drill 1/4 ”adapter.
– 2 different suspension points.
– Low vacuum visual indicator.
– Rubber coating on overlay.
– Minimal maintenance.
– Easy to transport.

Why choose JLM

Over the years, JLM teknik has gained a great deal of experience in handling glass and is probably the market's strongest supplier in this area.

Examples of lifting

Facts about JLM window lifter


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