Vacuum lifter

Vacuum lifters for all types of lifts.

Choice of vacuum lifter.

When choosing the type of vacuum lifter that you require, you can safely rely on JLM teknik. We have the knowledge needed to ensure you make the right choice.
In principle, there are 4 models in our range, which are roughly:

Alpha: The vacuum lifter for sacks or the slightly larger and heavier tasks. Depending on the configuration, this model lifts from 20 to 300 kg.

My: It is almost a copy of Alpha, but for the light lifts. This lifts up to 80 kg.

Tau: Vacuum lift with pistol grip. A vacuum lifter with a possibility for very high speed. This can lift up to 65 kg.

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Alpha and My catalog

See or download our catalog

Do you need more information regards our vacuumlifters Alpha and My, then you can see or download our catalog. 

Here you will find informations such as:

We help you in the right direction.

A vacuum lifter is great for lifting sacks, cardboard boxes, wooden boards, plastic boxes, and most types of products. Where the vacuum lifter beats all other products is when lifting porous materials, or in other words, where you suck through the material. It can e.g. be cardboard boxes, wooden boards, and concrete. Should the accident occur and the energy supply is interrupted and a item hangs in the suction cup, the lifting hose will slowly and safely lower the item down to a surface, and only then will the suction cup release the item. Your assurance that you will not be harmed and that the item is not damaged.

A vacuum lifter is one of the safest things to lift with. It is designed so that if the item is too heavy, it cannot lift it up. With a vacuum lifter, you experience that the item becomes “weightless”, and it is playfully easy to lift and move around with different items.

The vacuum lifter also has the advantage that it is the operator who determines the speed of the lift. At JLM teknik, we have vacuum lifters that can be used where high frequency is desired in the lift, but we also have vacuum lifters where precision and care are required. We help you in selecting the right solution.

For our vacuum lifters, there is a very comprehensive range of accessories and configuration options that means that you are not limited, and if that is not enough, JLM teknik has the opportunity in our development department to customise a solution specifically for you.

If you have never tried to work with a vacuum lifter or you are in doubt whether we can lift your product, then you are very welcome to visit our showroom, where all our vacuum lifters are ready. In this safe environment, we can test it out and help you familiarise yourself in the use of vacuum lifters. It is also your security for choosing the right solution for your specific needs.


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