Easy-to-run Alu-Cranes

We promise to make your everyday life easier!

Over the years, JLM teknik has developed its own easy-to-run Alu-Crane system, and today we offer, perhaps, one of the best systems on the market.
The crane system is easy to mount to ceilings, rafters or pillars.

Advantages of the JLM crane system:

  • Quality product produced in Denmark with up to 5 years warranty.
  • Incredibly easy to assemble for the installers.
  • The crane system is bolted together during assembly. No welding is required during assembly.
  • The crane system can be easily expanded or moved.
  • All bogies, trolleys, and cable hose trolleys are equipped with stainless steel ball bearings and POM wheels.
  • Runs incredibly smooth and is very quiet. No driving motor is required in the system.
  • Easy-to-run Alu-Cranes from 50 to 1500 kg.

JLM teknik is Danish quality and service at a high level.

We want to give you the best crane solution on the market, and it is without a doubt our Easy-to-run Aluminum Traverse System.

Many people are of the opinion that a column crane is both cheap and a really good solution. However, the truth may be different. We often find that the price of an easy-to-run Alu-Traverse system is not necessarily more expensive. If a foundation is to be made for a slightly larger swivel crane, then we know that it is associated with large costs. The installation of an easy-to-run Alu-Traverse system may take a few more hours than a column crane, but the result is significantly better. With an easy-to-run Alu-Traverse system, the operator can easily move the item in x and y directions in the entire working area of the easy-to-run Alu-Traverse system. With a column-mounted slewing crane, it typically covers an area of 270 degrees around the pillar, and the closer the operator gets to the pillar with their lifter, the more troublesome it is to rotate the jib arm around the pillar.

JLM teknik will at all times recommend an easy-to-run Alu-Traverse system. It provides greater flexibility and expandability.
We know it is the best system and with very high quality. Therefore, we give up to 5 years warranty on our easy-to-run Alu-Traverse system. Danish quality in a class of its own.


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