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Adaptable length lift bar

Product number: Z95723



Lift bar for MRT411. Height is adjustable at a low overhang on a building.


Lift bar for MRT411. Height is adjustable at a low overhang on a building.

Spare parts


    Dolly: Trolley for MRT411 or MRT81

    Compact trolley for transporting vacuum suction lifter, with 10" tires and a curb weight of 15kg. The dimensions of the dolly cart are a width of 64cm, a length of 57cm and a height of 36cm. The trolley fits MRT411 & MRT811. Note: See data sheet for more informations

    Powr-Grip - Vakuumsug - Edderkoppen 320kg.

    MRT411 320 kg. Spider

    Wood's Powr-Grip MRT411 320kg (maximum load capacity), a bestseller with 90 ° manual tilt and 360 ° manual rotation. Mounted with four 11" glass suction cups. Specifications: - 57kg (own weight) - Height 153cm (maximum extended length) - Width 172cm (maximum extended width) - Depth 123cm (maximum extended depth) See data sheet for more information. * If you want other suction cups, contact JLM.

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    Forklift adapter

    Forklift adapter for mounting MRT411 on forklifts. With this solution, the vacuum suction can still rotate and tilt.


    Shipping case for vaccuum lifter

    Storage/shipping case for vacuum lifter MRT411. There is room for extra suction cups and extension arms. The case can be lifted with a forklift.


    Original PowrGrip ABS hand cup 8″ 57 kg.

    Original PowrGrip ABS hand cup 8" (20.5cm) 57 kg. with plastic case. With the vacuum level indicator, the suction cup is your guarantee of a firm grip!

Related products


End cap – 1″ ID


Vinyl End Cap.

Inner diameter: 1 “(25.4 mm).

See JLM teknik’s wide range of accessories and spare parts for eg. Wood’s PowrGrip vacuum suction.

Pad_Quick_Connect_Remount Kit

Pad quick-connect retrofit kit for MRT4


Makes it possible to remove vacuum suction cups so that the lifter can be attached to lifting gear that is unevenly shaped.

Warning: Disconnecting or removing vacuum suction cups reduces lifting capacity.


Storage canister kit for instructions


Always make sure that the operating instructions are in place


4 pcs. of Ø300 vacuum pad for vacuum suction. Black sealing ring.


Vacuum pad for vacuum suction. Black sealing ring. The vacuum pad can attach to rough surfaces with irregularities (contours) up to 1/8″ [3 mm] in depth. Ideal for rough cut or flamed stone, insulated metal panels, and pattern glass.

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