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GIS GP 2500

GP 2500

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Reliable and durable

3 year warranty

Minimum 8-fold chain safety (DIN EN 14492 A5, ISO M5)

Manganese-phosphated profile steel chain with increased durability and improved emergency running properties

All GP chain hoists come with IP65 protection as standard, suitable for outdoor use

High operational reliability

TÜV certified


Low curb weight from 14 kg

Up to 60% higher lifting capacity

Quiet operation using a remote control system. 3-speed drive with inclined toothing (helicoil leverage)

Cargo hook 360° swivelling, with snap-locking hook protection

Maintenance without special tools

Service-friendly, wear parts are replaced easily and quickly


Three-phase or single-phase execution

Direct control, special control, radio control, frequency converter

Special design such as Synchronous electric chain hoist, low construction, corrosion resistant workmanship, ATEX



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  • Lifting capacity up to 6300 kg
  • Electric chain hoist with frequency converter
  • For applications with high in/out frequency and shift operation
  • Lifting speed up to 9.6 m/min.
  • With soft start for precise and cargo-saving positioning of the load
  • Cornerless transport and precise cargo positioning in combination with frequency-controlled motor running cat
  • Speeds and ramps for lifting and driving can be programmed to suit the application
  • Protection class IP65
  • Motor running cat option with frequency converter
  • Radio control option
  • Load-dependent hoisting speed possible


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  • Lifting capacity up to 1250 kg
  • Electric chain hoist corrosion resistant
  • Food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, wastewater treatment plant, outdoor use
  • House cataphoresis coated
  • Round steel chain stainless
  • Suspension corrosion resistant
  • All parts connected to the chain (equipment parts such as sprockets, cargo hooks, screws) in corrosion-resistant construction
  • Protection class IP65
  • Special greases for the food industry
  • Possibility of manual or motor running cat in corrosion-resistant construction


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  • Electric synchronous chain hoist for transporting long and bulky goods
  • Precise parallel driving of two load strings
  • 2 electric chain hoists connected electrically and mechanically
  • With temperature monitoring
  • Hook end position can be adjusted with gear-type end stop switch
  • Load hook spacing 0.7 – 5.0 m
  • Can be combined with strapped down crane GISKB or running crane
  • Running cat option
  • Frequency converter option
  • Possibility of customer-specific lifting devices

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