JLM removable vacuum crane


Item No. 1501

Danish-produced, user-friendly mini-crane with vacuum, which can be used where flexibility is required in relation to lifting. For example, when lifting sacks, wood, cardboard boxes, etc. The vacuum lifter can be moved without the use of machines and has 4 wheels of which two can be locked. There is also a handle for drag.


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Information about the product:

  • Lifting capacity of up to 25 kg.
  • Comes with complete vacuum lifter.
  • The crane measures 800(960) x 1250mm x 2810mm when the crane is lifted up completely.
  • When the crane is completely at the bottom, the height is 2010mm.
  • The crane can be locked so that it is stuck during transport.
  • Maximum floor lifting height: 1650 mm.
  • The crane column is easily and effortlessly hoisted with a winch and locked with a pal through the column.
  • The crane column can be locked every 200 mm.
  • Switches for the vacuum pump are mounted under shield.
  • 9 meter power cable.
  • Connects 400v 50 Hz.
  • Support feet are adjustable and can be removed during transport.



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