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Manoeuvre box Alpha

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Manoeuvre box Alpha.


Manoeuvre box Alpha.

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Blå sugelæbe

Blue Suction Lip

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JLM’s Blue suction lip for sack suction feet is very suitable
for the food industry, as the blue as a color is an unnatural
color in which visual detection can be made.
Please note that the suction lip is not approved after
FDA or EU Directive 2004/35, but we can guarantee that there
no hazardous chemical substances have been used.

Sækkesugelæber Alpha

Bagless Lips for Alpha


Bagless sucking lips for Alpha.

Komplet filterhus Alpha

Complete filter housing


Complete filter housing for Alpha.

Løfteslange til My

Lifting hose loose for Alpha and My


Lifting hose loose for Alpha and My

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