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Thoms II

Thoms II is a vacuum yoke we have been selling for many years. Thoms II is a Danish-produced, user-friendly lifting lid for lifting horizontal and vertical plates/windows. By default, Thoms II has 4 suction cups 8″ and lifts up to 250 kg. With Thoms II, you can tilt the item 90 degrees with the air cylinder and rotate the item 360 degrees manually.

– Lifting capacity of up to 250 kg
– Comes with 4 200 mm suction cups
– 30 mm overhang on the suction cups,
– Removable arms on the head boom, and removable suction cups on the arms
– Must lift at least 15 kg
– Buttons for vacuum on and off and for tilting the workpiece
– Built-in positioning safety switch (chain must be slackened)
– When positioning, compressed air is blown into the suction cups so that the workpiece is released quickly
– Vacuum level vacuum meter
– Supplied with compressed air of 6-6.5 bar
– CE approved and comply with EN13155,
– Unladen weight of 55 kg

See more in data sheet on Thoms II

Pictures of Thoms II

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