MRT411 Jumping Jack

Another Bestseller from Wood´s Powr-Grip. A very flexible vacuum suction lifter with four 11″ suction cups can lift 320 kg.
The deadweight is down to 57 kg. The vacuum suction lifter can rotate and tilt manually.
With this vacuum suction lifter, there is a myriad of combination possibilities that can be seen in the datasheet.
There are lots of accessories and extra equipment.

Additional equipment:

  • Panel suction cups.
  • Wireless radio control.
  • Plastic box.
  • Adaptor for rails. Z93101
  • Adaptor for trolleys. Z95722
  • Short lifting arm. Z95723
  • Quick couplings for suction cups.
  • Valves for suction cups.
  • Wagon.

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