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MRTALP Panel lifter

MRTALP Panel lifter.

Wood´s Powr-Grip panel lifter is the versatile solution for lifting panels and roof panels. As a basic version, it is suitable for walls and smaller roof elements. But with extension arms, it can be extended for lifting roof elements up to 18.5m.
With four elongated panel suction cups 15 cm * 64 cm, up to 270 kg can be lifted. However, with eight elongated suction cups, up to 500 kg can be lifted.
As a basic version, the vacuum suction lifter can both rotate and tilt, but with extension arms, it is only possible to do horizontal lifts.
Instead of elongated suction cups, round panel cups or glass suction cups can be fitted.
There are various combination options that can be seen in the data sheet.

There is extra equipment for the vacuum suction lifter.

Additional equipment:

  • Wireless radio control.
  • Round panel suction cups.
  • Glass suction cups.
  • Counterbalance.

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