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Six in a row

Six-in-a-row is a Bestseller from Wood´s Powr-Grip. A vacuum suction unit with six 11″ suction cups lifts 500 kg.
Six-in-a-row has a very low dead weight, only 59 kg and is the perfect vacuum suction lifter for narrow windows. The vacuum suction lifter can both rotate and tilt manually. The vacuum suction unit distinguishes itself by the fact that the outer suction cups are removable.

Additional equipment:
By mounting round panel suction cups Z49672 on Six-in-a-row, you suddenly have a vacuum suction unit that can be used for panel mounting, however, max. 400 kg.

See list of other additional equipment.

Additional equipment:

  • Panel suction cups.
  • Wireless radio control.
  • Counterbalance.
  • Suction cups in many different sizes.

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