Eazi Lifter



Eazi Lifter – Mini crane in suitcase.

The Eazi Lifter window crane allows one man to lift windows from the ground and up to the height of the 3rd floor. Eazi Lifter makes it possible to keep the window sections in place during installation. With Eazi Lifter you do not have to drag heavy windows up stairs, over obstacles or through the home. Eazi Lifter comes complete with extension tubes and brackets that make it possible to use the window lifter in virtually all window openings, angle plate adapter, two guide straps for external handling from the ground and chain mounting with clamps for two vacuum suction cups. Maximum load capacity is 100 kg using two 228.6 mm (9 “) or larger vacuum suction cups (sold separately). Maximum lifting height is 8.2 m.


  • Lifting capacity 100 kg
  • Net weight 32 kg
  • Size 152 – 262cm




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