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Alpha and My vacuum lifters – a boost for efficiency and production


JLM technology presents the two vacuum lifter models Alpha and My, which we are proud to include in our portfolio of in-house developed quality products. These vacuum lifters are developed based on known functionality, but constructed based on the latest technologies and thoroughly tested in relation to ergonomics.

This year, JLM technology celebrates its 25th anniversary in the industry, and since its foundation in 1997, we have strived to develop and further develop strong solutions that can help increase efficiency for the end user, and at the same time greatly reduce problematic workplace injuries in a wide range of industries. Within Danish industry, we are a recognized supplier of cranes, lifting equipment and handling solutions.

A vacuum lifter is ideal for lifting boards made of materials such as wood, metal, plastic and glass. Vacuum lifters are also popular and are often used in connection with lifting bags – both porous and non-porous.

All vacuum lifters from JLM technology are developed with the operator in mind, and we guarantee a solution that is both ergonomic and thoroughly tested. With this in mind, you will experience a vacuum lifter that will become an indispensable element in daily work and that the operator will appreciate using.

The Alpha and My vacuum lifters are similar on many fronts. The primary differences lie in the lifting capacity, where an Alpha vacuum lifter lifts from 20 and up to 300 kg depending on configuration, accessories and equipment. My vacuum lifter is for the lighter lifting, and handles up to 80 kg.

Alpha and My have a built-in adjustment button for load-free and burdenless height positioning. In the standard models, Alpha and My are supplied with built-in wireless operation of the vacuum pump. With Alpha and/or My included in your production, you always have the opportunity to optimize your vacuum lifter, both in terms of configuration and purchase of accessories and equipment. This means that you always have a vacuum lifter at hand that is geared to handle the lifting tasks required in your industry.

Accessories for the two vacuum lifter models include rocker joints, release valves, quick couplings and swivels with endless rotation. It is possible to manufacture products from the accessory range in stainless materials. In addition, we of course have a varied product range of suction feet and suction booms in many different sizes and shapes.

JLM technology’s spare parts program for Alpha and My ensures that you are always in a good position if your vacuum lifter at some point requires repair, and repairs on this type of vacuum lifter will typically apply to wear parts. Spare parts for Alpha and My include lifting hoses, sack suction lips, protective stockings, manoeuvring box and vacuum housing.

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