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JLM teknik sends large customer order of in-house developed container timbers

At JLM teknik, we have the customer’s wishes and needs in focus when we deliver in-house and specially developed solutions.

The mobile Thor container lumber is developed by JLM teknik, and functions as a mobile vacuum lifter type. The solution is offered to companies that need extra efficiency and help emptying containers for heavy deliveries, among other things.

The fact that we tailor and adapt a container timber solution directly to the needs and space conditions of your workplace is exemplified in the case below.

At JLM teknik, we have lined up a large delivery of mobile container lumbers for delivery to the customer.


The customer contacted JLM teknik in order to solve some problems that had arisen in connection with several employees being worn out and not able to handle the many lifts anymore. However, the customer had tried different models and solutions, e.g. with temporary workers, but these attempts to relieve the employees turned out not to be sustainable in the long run.

After the initial dialogue, a meeting was arranged at the customer’s premises where the task was agreed and proposals were prepared and reviewed. After this, a customer delegation went out and experienced a similar solution that JLM teknik had previously developed for another company.

With few adjustments, it became a reality and JLM entered into an agreement with the customer, and has now delivered several complete solutions to the customer. These solutions mean, among other things, that operators can empty several containers at once. At the same time, the problem of worn employees and occupational injuries related to lifting is no longer an issue for the company.


JLM teknik’s mobile Thor container timber is designed so that the operator can stand inside the container and maneuver the elements to be lifted. From the container, cardboard boxes and other elements can be lifted onto the electrically driven conveyor belt via the specially developed vacuum hose lifter. From here, the cardboard boxes can be transported out to operators who, with vacuum hose lifts, lift the cardboard boxes further down onto pallets in various sortings. Thus, JLM teknik’s mobile container timber is ideal for use both inside the container itself and outside, when elements need to be moved from or to pallets or placed on warehouse shelves.

In addition to saving time, you also avoid postures that overload the body.

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Do you want to know more about JLM teknik’s Thor container timber or one of our other solutions? Contact Jan Andersen on tel. 23725133 or email ja@jlmteknik.dk.

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