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Popular vacuum suction lifter is back in stock

Simple battery-powered vacuum suction lifter. Ready to be hung on the crane hook. Extremely reasonable price.

We have again received a shipment of the popular PowrGrip MT2 in stock. The first shipment was sold out in no time at our warehouse.

MT2 is a small simple vacuum suction lifter that lifts up to 135 kg. It can be used for all suction-tight surfaces and is ideal for steel boxes, plates, glass screens, and windows. It has manual tilt so you can take from vertical and deliver to horizontal or vice versa.

The vacuum suction lifter has a battery and only needs to be charged with a 230 volt plug.

If you need more information, you can contact JLM teknik on telephone number 98576060 or by email: info@jlmteknik.dk

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