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Won iPhone6 at JLM teknik’s stand

The interest was very great, and a lot of visitors came to JLM teknik’s stand at the trade fair between 22 and 24 September 2015 in Herning.

JLM teknik had so many products this year that they had doubled the size of the stand. “It was not only the interest in winning an iPhone6 that attracted visitors to the stand,” says consultant Jan Andersen. “There was a lot of interest in the new profile types we use for ours traverse crane and lightweight traverse systems. The new construction means that it is possible to install with a much larger crane capacity per investment money.” It is the very design of the profiles in the rails that provides the greater load-bearing capacity.

Lifts easily and effortlessly

There was also a lot of interest in the Vaculex lifting system, where the lifting unit with the suction cup sits directly on the vacuum hose. “The big advantage here is that it does not take up much space and is incredibly easy and fast to operate,” says Jan Andersen and adds: “Often vaculex can be operated with one hand and facilitates many work processes. This achieves greater production efficiency, which is the same as increasing the bottom line for our customers.”

Lifts foil rolls from inside the core

Among the many other products on the stand, there was also great interest in the JLM foil roll lifter. As standard, a 3 ”or 6” rubber mandrel is fitted, which is expanded with compressed air inside the core of the roll, so that the foil itself is not pinched and damaged from the outside. The lifting yoke can be tilted 90° so that it can pick up the rolls both horizontally and vertically. The yoke requires minimal maintenance and is extremely user-friendly. For example, when the roll is tilted, the suspension point for the hoist is adjusted automatically.

iPhone and cozy nook

Of course, it also attracted some guests because there was a cozy nook where you could rest your legs and get refreshments. And as Jan says “A competition where you can win an iPhone or a gift card to Intersport is probably also an attraction. Bo Birkø, who won, was definitetly happy. He told me that he had never won anything before, which also brought a little joy.” ”.

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